Uşak Üniversitesi Erasmus

Incoming Staff



Incoming academic staff applications should be communicated with the relevant departmental coordinator before the application. Please get in contact with the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the concerned department/unit at Usak university on the link below: 




Incoming administrative staff applications will be addressed directly to EU&International Relations Office.



After the departmental authorities at universities confirm your visit, EU&International Relations Office will send you an invitation letter to your e-mail adress. When you receive the invitation letter, you shoud prepare a workplan showing your training or teaching mobility at Usak University.




E-mail: erasmus@usak.edu.tr 

Telephone:+90 276 221 2121   -  4452  /  4401   /  4402


EU & International Relations Office,

Usak University, 1 Eylul Kampusu, Yeni Rektorluk Binasi, Zemin Kat,

64200, Usak, Turkey

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